Corset Blues


I write poetry, stories, madness. I transcribe my life into words. Beauty can be found anywhere and I guess I'm here chasing after my muse. Yet again. To contact:

One more year passed. I felt it settle into my bones. Dense, heavy, weighty. My love remains barren but time will not be denied.

I am looking at you right now. Theorize that.

So obscurities colour my mouth crimson and is that your heart? I must give in to the sleep god soon, whatever colour he is wearing tonight (I used that word twice, I hope I didn’t offend your gourmand tongue, the one used for words, I mean). I am slightly drunk. From life not alcohol.

A whispered monologue to the haughty moon, he said on an overcast day. Stupid man. Why bother with summer when you are made of winter entirely?

No, no. I had a purpose here. Yes. Twenty eight years.

They have passed.

How many more remain - of that I have no idea. I don’t want to know. I wish to fall head first into my remaining life and savour every single second.

Here’s a toast then. Pineapple juice with mint in it. Let’s live.

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